Green pistachio flour from Bronte DOP 90 g


Ingredients: 100% green pistachios from Bronte DOP obtained from the shelling of the last harvest, on the western side of Etna.

Naturally dried in the sun, natural, unsalted, not toasted, shelled. May contain traces of other types of nuts. Lactose free, gluten free, vegan.

The pistachio flour is a very versatile ingredient, ideal for enhancing savory recipes such as pasta, meat or fish, salads and; on pizzas as a rich and very tasty seasoning. Ideal for sweet recipes, to create cakes, crêpes or to use as garnish. The flour gives each dish, the taste of the real pistachios from Bronte.

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Pistachio flour is obtained by finely grinding the unsalted and not toasted shelled pistachios. Packaged in a PE food jar, a container which once its function has been completed can be reused to store spices, salt, dried fruit and sauces in the kitchen or to organize your everyday items.

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